Word Plays

    Word Plays

    It is important and necessary to play word plays even when a baby does not speak yet. Do not wait until your little one starts speaking! These games are cognitive and very effective for your baby’s development.

    Say the color

    This game is a great way to teach your little one about the colors.

    It is effectively to take two basic colors, red and blue for instance (do not take many colors, for your baby will be confused and will not be able to remember all of them). The colors must be clearly visible to your baby.

    Take several objects of these colors as well. Point to a red ball, for example, and ask what color it is.

    If your baby doesn’t speak yet, answer instead of him: “What color is the ball? It is red!” Your baby will shake his head meaning “Yes!” Even if your baby didn’t respond anyway, say: “Yes, it is red! Horray!“ Merrily clap your hands and smile, show your baby positive emotions, such your reaction will inspire him.

    If your baby can already talk a little, he will answer “Red!” Your reaction should be immediate: “Yes, it is red! Horray!” and happily smile and clap your hands.

    You can play this game another way. Show your baby a red ball and say: “The ball is blue” and keep an eye on your baby’s reaction. He will either agree with the statement or not. Otherwise you laugh and say instead of him: “No! It is red!” and of course clap your hands. After a short period of time your baby will smile and clap his hands with you.

    Read more ideas to teach your baby about the colors in Colorful Games.


    It is the simplest word game.

    Ask your baby: “Where is the lamp (floor, the tree, the sun)?” and he must point to the object. If the baby is pointing correctly, you express joy laughing and clapping hands. If the baby does not know where the object is, you point to it yourself and say: “That’s a lamp” and you should express joy even in this case.

    What do animals say?

    At first your baby should learn a few animals. You can read about the way of teaching him in the article Learn about Animals.

    Then show him the pictures of each animal, say their names and sounds they utter. Gradually, the baby will begin not only to listen to the sounds, but also to repeat them. As a result the game is like this: you say “frog” and the baby answers “i-it (ribbit)“, etc.

    You can also play the way like in the previous game. You say: “A frog says meow.” Then either your baby will shake his head and say “i-it (ribbit)“, or you will laugh and say: “No! A frog says “ribbit!

    Edible – Inedible

    Name different objects familiar to the baby. Once the baby has heard an edible object, he either says “Yum!” or claps his hands.
    If the baby does not speak yet, say instead of him “Yum!” and clap your hands or take the baby’s hands and clap them.

    Parts of the Body

    Tap the baby’s nose with your finger and say, “Pitter-patter, the rain will soak my baby’s nose (knee, arm, tummy, head).” Your baby should cover his nose with his hand. If he did not, you point to the baby’s nose and say: “Pitter-patter on the nose.” Having learned the basic parts of the body, gradually add new ones (wrist, collar bone, shin, temple).

    Read more games to teach your baby about the body parts: Blowing Game, Tickling Game.

    You should know

    – These teach your baby express emotions.
    – Baby’s knowledge is being expanded.
    – Baby learns to respond quickly.


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