Whose House – Cognitive Activity for Babies 8-12 Months

    Whose House

    Your baby surely knows already about many animals and birds, and he can imagine that they life in different places. A didactic activity “Whose House” will tell your little one about the particularities of the animal world and about the house of each animal.

    In order to start the activity, print the pictures of animals and their houses and stick the pairs of pictures on a sheet of cardboard or laminate them. Each of them depicts a funny animal or its house. While playing, the baby needs to find the pair to each picture. Of course he can’t yet do it by his own, so you should help him. And due to this game the baby will learn where a rooster, a hamster, a fox, a hare, a cat, a fish, a dog and other animals live.

    It will be great if before playing this game you will tell your little one where the animals familiar to him live, so that he understands the images on the pictures. Pay his attention to the fact that some animals, birds and insects build their houses by themselves, for example an ant, while a dog and a starling live in the houses built by people – dog kennel and birdhouse.

    The younger the child, the less pictures you show during one lesson (2-3 pictures are enough for a start). Don’t worry if you think that the baby doesn’t understand anything. Be sure – he does. And when he starts speaking he will ask you many questions about animals and their houses.

    You should know

    – The activity helps baby remember the information faster. He learns new words and phrases – his language skills are being developed faster and his vocabulary is being enriched.

    – This develops baby’s associative thinking, memory, strengthens cognitive skills and improves baby’s ability to focus.


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