Where Is It

    Where Is It

    “Where Is It” is an intriguing activity and your baby will enjoy playing.

    The point of the game is that you hide a toy and ask your baby: Where is the Teddy Bear? Take it out and say: Here it is! Here the Teddy Bear is!

    You can play in this way with other objects in your room.Look around and ask: Where is the table? Touch the table and say: Here it is! Here the table is! Let your baby touch the toy or the table when you say: Here it is! Here the table is!

    As soon as your baby learns these objects within two weeks, add and play with new ones.

    You should know

    – The baby is learning to look for and touch objects

    – Movement to an abject is essential for visual development

    – The baby is learning important concepts Where and Here

    – Rhythm and rhyme develop the learning of the sounds and intonation of the language.

    – Looking for the objects strengthens cognitive, motor and language development.


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