What is It

    What is It

    Take toys or pictures of different objects. The goal of “What is It” game is to exercise the sentence structure and more vocabulary asking questions and giving answers, e.g.:

    What is this? This is an apple.
    What is this? It is a plate.

    You can choose the words that rhyme, e.g.:

    What is this? It’s a cat.
    What is this? It’s a hat.

    You can give answers, and older infants can do this.

    Game for a child is not just and entertainment. It is one of the ways of learning about the world. Playing, with the dolls for example, a child dives into the human world, acquires human relationships and realizes himself. Therefore it is important to choose the right name for a toy.

    1. If a toy is soft, and it is an animal, you can give it a usual animal name e.g. Little Elephant or Elly, Little Monkey etc. Also you can give the toy a name associated with this animal. For example Mickey Mouse, Teddy Bear an so on.
    2. If a toy is a doll, it can be given a human name. But do not give it your baby’s name, for him not to associate himself with a doll.
    3. If you have subject toys, you can give them names concerning a particular subject, e.g. Nurse, Doctor, Builder etc.  This will not only develop the outlook of your baby, but also will give an opportunity to play the so-called stage director games.
    4. If the toy looks like an unknown object, you can give it any name you wish, even if it is a name that does not exist. Later when your child will start speaking, let him create unknown names himself. This is a great opportunity for creativity and collaboration of a child and the adult.

    You should know

    –   Baby learns:

    1. the sentence and word structure,
    2. the way words are put together in fixed phrases,
    3. vocabulary, words,
    4. rhyme and rhythm.

    –   By the age of one year an average infant knows 1,000 words in his native language and understands basic sentence structures, even before he can talk.


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