What Can I Do with Two Eyes – Game for Babies 12 Months

    What Can I Do

    The game “What Can I Do with Two Eyes” is perfect for repeating or teaching the most important senses of a human: see, hear, touch, smell, taste, feel.

    The rhyme is long and the lessons are rich in different activities, so the baby can be tired if you play all them during the first lessons, thus you should divide them into several parts.

    Review eyes, ears, hands.

    Teach your little one about eyes and see by performing the following activities. Play the game 123 Song. You can also cover baby with a scarf and say: I don’t see you! Then take the scarf away and exclaim: I see you! Do this several times. Your baby will like the activity, he will have lots of fun and laugh and giggle.

    Then review ears and hear. Activities to develop the baby’s sense of hearing will be of great use to you. While playing say: I hear the toy/xylophone etc. To explain I don’t hear, stop playing the musical instruments and say: I don’t hear the drum. Can I hear the drum? No! Use sign language and point to yourself saying I, then attach your slightly bent palm to your ear and say hear.

    Review hands and touch. Games for sensory perception development will help you explain touch. Perform a couple of activities and then say: Touch the table (and touch it together), touch the wall, touch the floor.

    Now find out how many eyes, ears and hands you both, Teddy bear, Dolly, Doggy have and say: I have two ears, I can see with them and so on.

    Always do arts and crafts for each body part. These can be coloring, painting, assembling jigsaw puzzles, anything your baby likes or may like.

    Do the activities for the body parts from the second part of the rhyme. Smell flowers, taste food, express love to Teddy Bear.

    If you can, create a melody and sing this as a song.

    I have two eyes,
    I can see with them.
    I have two ears,
    I can hear with them.
    I have two hands,
    I can touch with them.
    Eyes, ears, hands.
    See, hear, touch.

    I have one nose,
    I can smell with it.
    I have one tongue,
    I can taste with it.
    I have one heart,
    I can feel with it.
    Nose, tongue, heart.
    Smell, taste, feel.

    You should know

    – Baby loves to examine himself and these activities will let him learn his body in a funny and enthralling way.

    – This encourages development of baby’s cognitive skills.

    – Baby learns some signs in the sign language.

    – The rhyme promotes development of speech and language.


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