Practice the first sign for the “waving hello” and “waving bye-bye”. Show your baby the pictures of the animals one by one and say: Wave hello the doggie! Wave bye-bye to the doggie! Wave hello to the ducky! Wave bye-bye to the ducky! etc. Show how to blow a kiss!

    Then show pictures of the animals while saying:

    Wave bye-bye to the doggie!
    Blow a kiss with fingertips
    Wave up high and wave down low
    Wave your hand and say good-bye.

    And so on with other animals.

    You should know

    – Waving is the first symbol of the sign language that infants learn.

    – Like all languages, the words are heard and understood long before the baby can say them. So, you will have been showing him waving long before the infant can wave himself.

    – When at the age of about 7 months the infant starts waving it means that now he has physical coordination to wave himself. The baby waving, you can expect her to show other actions from the baby sign language.


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