Water Games for Kids in the Early Years

    Water Games for Kids

    Water games for kids are not just funny bathing but also entertaining and developmental activities. Play these water games with you little ones in the bathtub at home or in a basin in the garden and enjoy your baby’s smile and laughter.

    What is the shape of water?

    Fill different utensils with water and watch it taking different shapes. You can use: a glass, a decanter, a jar, a jug, a rubber glove, etc.)

    Murmuring water

    It’s a very simple game, which develops the auditory sensations of our little ones. Just put the showerhead on the inner bathtub surface or under the water and listen to a quiet water flow. Then raise the showerhead higher and listen to the water murmuring. The sound depends on the height.

    Playing with water jet

    Put the child’s hand under water jet and study the water falling down. Water can be both warm and cold, both strong and weak.


    Throw different items (“fish”) into the bathtub or a basin. Give your baby a “fishing rod” to catch the fish (use a ladle, a sieve, a colander). You can also recite the rhyme from the game One, Two, Three, Four, Five.

    Soluble or insoluble

    Take some juice, milk, yogurt, syrup, honey, jam, sunflower oil as well as sugar, salt, flour, starch, soluble or insoluble coffee. And start studying what happens to the water.

    Wash the foam off

    Put some bath foam on the wall in the bathroom and offer the baby to wash it with the showerhead.

    Through a funnel

    Teach your baby to pour water through a funnel into a bottle with a narrow neck.

    Who sinks the ship

    Put an empty plastic bowl (ship) into a basin of water. Now load in turn the “ship” with “gold” (ordinary stones). It is interesting whose stone will be a “decisive” one and will sink the ship of greedy pirates?

    Jumping out toys

    Put 2-3 ping pong or rubber balls into the water. Take one ball, dip it into the water and suddenly release it. The ball will “jump” out of the water. Now let the baby try to repeat this trick on his own.

    Circles on water

    Fill a wide utensil with water and let it calm down. Then use your imagination: touch the water slightly with a fingertip and watch the circles going on it, or you can show the waves to your baby if you are in the bathtub.

    You should know

    – Water games are good for the children’s nervous system; develop their tactile sensations and fine motor skills.

    – It is just lots of fun and positive emotions.


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