Uppity Up


    Uppity Up is one of the vitally important activities for development of babies.

    While chanting the rhyme, take your baby underarms. Or if she is heavy for this action, put her arms up and down and dance together round. In all cases, act out clearly the words.

    Look at me baby
    (look into baby’s eyes),
    You go up,
    Uppity up.
    Look at me baby,
    You go down,
    Down and down.
    Look at me baby,
    You go round,
    Round and round.
    Up, down and round.

    You should know

    – Exercising baby’s arms and legs helps her muscles and motor development.

    – Spinning around with the baby develops her Vestibular System that is responsible for balance and positioning in space.

    – The muscle and motor coordination helps the brain develop the circuits for more refined motor skill development.

    Vestibular System

    Vestibular System governs our sense of balance and position in space. These allow us to do simple things like turn our head keeping our eyes fixed on a single point in space, or jog without seeing the world bob up and down before us.

    A baby’s vestibular system is over-responsive maybe because its stimulation is crucial to posture and motor skills developing. Being born in the following days the agitated infant will be calmed down by gentle swaying, bouncing and jiggling. And it is evident that the more stimulation vestibular system receives, the more quickly her physical abilities develop.


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