Traveling with Kids: How to Make Vacation Fun and Interesting

    Traveling with Kids

    Traveling with kids can be very active and fun even if your little one is an infant. The following tips will help you properly plan and organize your trip, and your child’s age won’t matter.

    Getting ready to travel with children or where to go with a baby

    Neither pediatrician recommends to dramatically change climate if you have a little kid. Therefore it’s better if you spend your vacation in the same climate zone and do not “jump” “from winter to summer”. Vacation on the beach is one of the best solutions for little kids, but do not spend too much time in the sun or in the water with the child.

    Seaside air is very beneficial for a kid.

    Or do you choose to go to the countryside or into a forest? That’s also fine. It’s also very useful for the parents of a young child to change their environment.

    Kids’ acclimatization beside the sea

    Acclimatization is adaptation of an organism to changes in geographic and climatic conditions. As mentioned above, doctors do not recommend “jumping” “from winter to summer”, i.e. to go on vacation from cold to hot climate.

    But whenever you go to countries with extreme temperatures, you will still face your kid’s acclimatization.

    Remember that it takes 10 days for your child to acclimate while at the sea, so your vacation should last 3-4 weeks. After the child’s body adjusts, he will benefit from the clean sea air, the sun and the water.

    Don’t run to the beach on the first day after arrival to the sea, but relax, eat, walk. And a few hours after getting used to the new environment and situation, you can go to swim and sunbathe.

    How to choose a hotel

    So, you are going to travel with a little child. And where will you live? Often a child stays free of charge in a hotel room without an extra bed. Be sure to get more information under what age your child can stay free in the room with the parents. For some hotels provide this right for kids under 6 years old, the others – under 7 years old.

    If the hotel room price includes food, be sure to learn ahead of time whether this rule is applied to children living free with parents.

    The best option to feed children when spending vacation is buffet catering for a child to choose what she wants to eat. This will protect parents from tantrums like “I do not want this or that“.

    If you have a baby, find out whether the hotel will provide your little one with baby food or you will have to cook or buy purees for your kid.

    Also for your vacation to be very nice and fun, you need to entertain your little one with something interesting. Therefore, if possible, choose a family-friendly hotel with a playground, animators, a nice park area for walking, easy approach to the sea, etc.

    Traveling with a little child: packing

    Things for kids you need to take:

    – clothing – sun cap is a must, footwear, hygiene products;
    – dinnerware set your child usually uses;
    – shampoo for kids;
    – Sunscreen for kids;
    – compact folding buggy/sling;
    – toys, books, coloring books, pencils;
    – beach and sand toys for the kid (shovel, rake, bucket, molds);
    – swimming ring;
    – beach umbrella (if there’s no any on the beach);
    – travel medical kit.

    Vacation with a baby: essencials

    – napkins;
    – diapers;
    – sunscreen for babies;
    – sets of clothes;
    – drinking water;
    – child’s favorite toy;
    – travel medical kit.

    Travel without little kid’s stress: the road

    How can you prepare your little one to the trip, for example, by train, bus or plane?

    Create an atmosphere of the future trip by telling him how interesting will the journey be. Try to draw your little one’s attention from the monotony of being in a sitting position to the landscape outside the window. You can also make an interesting analogy. Does your child love riding toy trains or cars? So here’s a real train, a real car or even better a p-l-a-n-e!

    Also you should consider every hour of your stay in the train (bus, plane, car), and pack everything you will need to entertain your kid like a favorite toy, interesting pictures, a book, and so on.

    Also try not to feed the child an hour before the flight, if you travel by plane. This will help to prevent the kid’s nausea and vomiting.

    How to properly organize your vacation with a little child

    While on vacation in the warm countries, remember that the sun is very harmful for the child’s delicate and sensitive skin. Besides using special sunscreen, provide an easy access to a shadow. In this case, you can’t do without an awning, a canopy, a beach umbrella.

    Your child must always wear a sun cap. Limit the games in the open sun up to 10-15 minutes.

    It is important to remember that high temperatures make both adult’s and kid’s body abundantly lose moisture. Therefore, to avoid dehydration, you should drink enough water. Always keep water or juice for a child at hand.

    Be careful when eating a new kind of food. Delicacy can be very unpleasant for the little child’s body. So you shouldn’t eat too much exotic food and better choose the products that are familiar to him: milk, cheese, apples, bananas. Always taste the food yourself before giving them to your child: in a foreign country some dishes can be very spicy or salty.

    Guided city tours and excursions will be boring for children aged 6-7 years. Try not to plan this kind of activity until your child grows up a bit. Consider your kid’s interests and a long trip (especially when staying in a sitting position) exhausts your kid, and a classical art museum instead of zoo will disappoint and hurt the child.

    May you enjoy your trip and vacation with the kids!

    Dear parents tell us your stories and share your experience in planning a trip and traveling with children!


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