Traffic Lights – Exciting Game for Toddlers

    Traffic Lights

    Traffic lights is first of all, an enthralling game; your child will gladly play it over and over again. And you will teach your kid about traffic laws and promote his overall development through a happy play.

    Surely, your little one already saw traffic lights in the streets, and you taught him about the rules of Traffic Laws. This game is a great opportunity to practice and solidify his knowledge of traffic laws and colors.

    Make the traffic lights of milk or juice boxes and play with it all the possible ways you can come up with. For example, you are traffic lights or a traffic cop and your child is a driver. Make a road going in different directions with crossroads on the floor and your kid will drive along it. And every time your child approaches a crossroad, you stand there, “switch on” a certain light and ask the child what it means. He can drive on only having answered your question correctly.

    At first you will say the whole rhyme while your child is driving around, and your child will only say what the lights mean. But eventually, he will say the driver’s words and the answer, and you will say only traffic lights’ words.

    Broom, broom, broom,
    I’m driving my car (truck, bike, etc.).
    Oh, look! Traffic lights.

    Red lights, red lights,
    What do they mean?
    They mean “Stop”.
    That’s what they mean.

    Yellow lights, yellow lights,
    What do they mean?
    They mean “Wait”.
    That’s what they mean.

    Green lights, green lights,
    What do they mean?
    They mean “Go”.
    That’s what they mean.

    You should know

    – This activity broadens your kid’s knowledge.
    – The merry active game is very interesting and your child is interested in speaking thus developing his speech and language.
    – This strengthens bonding between you and your child.
    – The game is a great way to develop your child’s imagination.
    – You both get lots of fun!


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