Top 5 Games that Will Help in Getting Your Toddler to Sleep


    When a child is naughty and won’t go to bed for a long time in the evening, it can be a real problem for the parents. Tо make the process of getting your toddler to sleep painless, play these 5 interesting games with your kid. The games will inspire your little one to close his eyes.

    Moms and kids

    Let the child put his toys to sleep half an hour before bedtime. First, he takes them to the bathroom to wash both faces and feet. Then he puts them into the cribs and sings a lullaby.

    After this ritual, you turn off the lights in the bedroom and say that now it is necessary to be silent so that all the toys can fall asleep.

    This game calms the child and prepares him for sleep.

    A sleep fairy

    When doing arts and crafts, create a magic wand with your child. Before going to bed, ask your little one to imagine that he is a magician: he has to touch the objects in the room with the wand and say: “Now the closet has fallen asleep“, “Here the chair is sleeping“, etc.

    After all the items “went to bed”, the “fairy” or the “magician” herself or himself goes to bed, touches himself with the wand and says: “And now I will sleep“. After that, you turn off the lights in the room.

    Moms and kids (vice versa)

    You play the role of a daughter, and your daughter or the son is the mother or dad. The new daughter or son begins to be capricious and naughty, and “mom” comes up with the way to calm her or him down. She can ask and punish her or him somehow. You can help your child make a decision.

    Such a game will show the child how it is difficult for his mom when he’s naughty.

    Let’s dream

    Ask the child to imagine that he doesn’t have to sleep any more (for example, he would have a candy that helps his body to stay awake 24 hours a day).

    Then ask the child:

    – what would he do at night when other children and adults sleep? Wouldn’t he be tired or bored having so much free time without rest?

    – How would the little one rest? Since, sleep gives him an opportunity to gain strength overnight to be active during the day.

    – How would he explain to others why he does not sleep? Would they agree to see dreams never again?

    – Would the kid agree to go to a night camp at the time when he needs to sleep?

    Such a game will let the child think about what it is like to never sleep, and whether he’d like to participate in that.

    Card game “Kisses for Good Night”

    You can buy such a game at a large children’s toys store or make it by yourself.

    The essence of the game is quite clear: the main character is a card with the image of a child you need to get to sleep.

    Your child pulls the cards one by one out of the deck of cards until he finds “a pillow“, “a favorite toy”, “a blanket” that will help the child on the card to fall asleep.

    While searching for the necessary cards, your kid will pull other ones as well – tasks for an adult.

    After all the tasks are completed and the required cards are found, the baby on the card falls asleep (on the back of the card there’s the little one’s face with his closed eyes). You can wish him a “good night”.

    The game will have a good effect on the child if you honestly perform all the actions described on the cards and if you are involved in the game no less than the child is.

    Types of the playing cards

    – Tasks for a parent: to sing a song, to tickle the child, to kiss his legs and arms, to cry the way an owl does, etc.

    – Cards with the image of the sun: they allow the adult to pull several cards out of the deck and remove them from the game.

    – Cards «a pillow», «a blanket», and «a favorite toy”. They are put onto the playing field – the crib, and help the character fall asleep. When all three cards are collected on the field, the round will end. It is not necessary to go to the end of the deck to collect them.

    And do you play any games to get your child to sleep? Share your ideas with us!


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