Tips and Tricks to Get your Child to Love Reading

    Love Reading

    It takes more and more parents’ time and patience to teach their children to love reading because in the modern world kids have an easy access to a great variety of electronic devices forgetting about the paper books.

    If you have faced such an issue, the following methods and tricks will help you to get your child to love books.

    Methods to develop interest for reading in your kid

    Personal example. It’s not words that work but your actions. Read, quote your favorite words, share your impressions about what you have read, discuss books and visit bookshops and libraries together with your kid. Let your child participate in choosing books for your home library, or let him create a library of his own and help him work on its decoration.

    Home library. To love books, your kids need to grow up surrounded by them. Yes, modern living conditions including economy of space, high mobility and a wide spread of electronic storage media force printed books out of our lives. But a bookcase that just invites you to look at the book covers and choose the one to your liking will certainly make your kid feel enthusiastic about reading.

    Timing. Start reading to your child from the first day of his birth or even earlier. Choose the right time for reading. Don’t force your kid to sit still and listen to you reading if all he wants is to go outdoors or to play. Read when your child is well rested and in a good mood — this is especially important if you get your kid acquainted with a new book.

    Place. Find a quiet and a cozy reading nook. It should be comfortable, inviting and well-lit. While reading, try to not get distracted and remove all the objects that may distract your child (for example, new bright toys).

    Reading technique. Reading out loud is not as easy as it may seem. Read slowly and expressively, pronounce all the sounds clearly. You can even change texts you read a bit (for example, mention your kid’s name in a rhyme). Give every character his own special voice; even vocalize all kinds of sounds.

    Discuss and invent. Talk about what you read and discuss all the characters and their actions. Teach your kid to make stories of his own by changing plots of some fairy tales or stories he has read. Discuss various options of the plot development. Offer your kid to draw some pictures based on some stories he read and encourage him to share his impressions with others: his friends, siblings, grandparents etc.

    Ritual. Regular reading turns into some kind of a ritual that soothes your child and brings some stability and peace in his life. Make reading traditional before your child goes to bed: this will create a special trustful environment and make the communication with your kid so much warmer.

    Repetition. Quite often kids choose their favorite books so it’s absolutely normal if your kid asks you to read him a book over and over again. Don’t refuse to do it; this is one of the ways your child learns. Soon you may notice he retells some pieces he likes most by heart. This is also a great way to develop his language development.

    Accordance with age. Choose the books that suit your kid’s age. They should be complex enough to get your kid’s attention and at the same time simple enough to support his interest while he’s watching the way the book’s storyline develops.

    Relevance. Don’t try to compare your child to others; choose the books that he likes, choose topics he finds interesting. Try to read a book before offering it to your child.

    Value. Instill an idea that books are something really valuable. Give your kid books as a present in combinations with other gifts. Teach your kid to treat his books with care.

    Little tricks you can use to get your kid interested in reading even is he’s a very fidgety one

    Temptation. Choose a book that you think may get your child interested; sit somewhere near your kid or even in another room and start reading out loud to yourself. You know your child best and know what kind of book will interest him.

    What trick did my mother use to get me interested in books? She knew that I love laughing. So she took a book and went to read it into another room. She was constantly laughing out loud there. I couldn’t help running to her and ask what she was reading. She read me one of the funny extracts of the novel and since then I’ve read almost all the books of that author.

    Magical appearance. Turn the appearance of a new book in your house into a game. For example, if it’s “Treasure Island”, you can search for it using a “pirate map”, if it’s a fairy-tale you can think of a magical story of how you got it. Give your kid a “magic box” where his new books will appear from time to time.

    Intrigue. When you read a book to your child, pause at the most interesting moments to create the feeling of suspension. Your child will impatiently wait for the story to continue and this way you’ll boost his attention and memory development.

    Old books. Tell your child about books that you read when you were a child and why you loved them.

    A book of his own. Help your child to make his own books. Think of some stories together, draw pictures or use your kid’s photos with captions.

    Reading is not just a pleasant pastime or amusement but a great step on a way of developing your kid’s creative thinking and intelligence, correct speech and writing. It makes his studying process much easier and allows him to get lots of wonderful new impressions and experiences. With every new book he reads, your child’s universe becomes wider.

    What kind of secret tricks do you have that help you develop your kid’s love for books? Share your ideas and opinions with us.


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