Time Management Tips for Moms: How to Effectively Plan Your Day

    Time Management Tips

    Motherhood is a lifelong marathon. How can you cope with your everyday troubles, while remaining a happy mom, full of strength and energy?

    Change of your attitude is the first and major step on the way to a happy motherhood. The next one is to develop some good habits that will fill your body with strength. The following time management tips will help you acquire the habits necessary to plan your day so that you are always full of energy and in good mood.

    Habit 1: ability to care of yourself

    This habit implies:

    – timely visit to the doctors and having all the necessary tests;

    – reading literature on the topics you’re interested in. Most of the information are audio files, as a rule, so you can get the knowledge while feeding your baby or walking with the stroller;

    – good relationship with your husband and children. It’s important for every woman to feel loved. Try to understand what makes you feel that (flowers, for example, or words of love) and explain it to your close people;

    – harmony inside you. It is necessary to stop and re-evaluate your life values and goals. For someone breathing exercises are a great help, for others – meditation or communication with God.

    – while your child is napping, you can find some time for yourself: to read a book, to work, to do some arts and crafts, etc.

    You can also create a co called “anti-stress box” containing a picture with an optimistic sign that will cheer you up, a piece of chocolate, nuts packaging, a bag of elite tea you, which you could use in particularly hard minutes. Spend at least 5 minutes of fun for yourself – you deserve it.

    Habit 2: ability to identify things that waste your time

    The biggest “time waster” is the Internet. When wandering aimlessly from site to site, we lose precious minutes we could spend better and then we complain about having little time.

    Among things that waste our time are the hours of talk on the phone, lack of organization (when all the information is stored in the different places and on the different sheets of paper that doesn’t let us easily find it), not pushing the matters through. There are some uncontrolled “time wasters” like waiting in a line in a clinic. You should get ready for that ahead of time as well: prepare some activities for your child, audio recordings, etc.

    Habit number 3: ability to plan your day

    Psychologists recommend dividing the day into three blocks – morning, afternoon and evening – and distribute your daily tasks accordingly.

    In the morning, when you are full of energy, you better to do the most difficult things – provide the family with all the necessary things: clean clothing, food, etc. Then you will be satisfied with your day. For the afternoon you can schedule activities with your child, and for the kid’s nap hours – rest and self-development. In the afternoon when your husband comes home from work spend time with the family: dine together, go for a walk, do other activities. It will be great if you have breaks while performing your tasks: reward yourself with a few minutes of fun.

    Habit number 4: weekly meal planning

    Women always wonder: “What to cook and of what products?” Many are slightly stressed about that. An ability to plan your weekly meals not only relieves your anxiety, but also helps to save your family budget.

    First, you can group the meals and write them on a sheet of paper: soups, main courses, salads, and pastries. Distribute them by the days of a week and decide on the products you will be need for cooking (and also in groups: grocery, milk, fruits and vegetables, etc.) Take this list when go shopping. Thus you won’t forget anything, won’t buy too much products, and you’ll save time shopping.

    There is one more hint: cook soups even days (one meal for two days), the second course on odd days. Thus, you will always have something fresh to eat with the meals you cooked the previous day.

    Habit number 5: ability to find helpers

    A modern woman often does everything on her own: cares of children, does household chores, works. And the most of us can’t ask for help: we are strong!

    When asking for help you thus try to spend your forces wisely. But what if your grandparents live in other towns, and the husband is often on the business trips? Ask your friends or neighbors to spend some time with your kids while you, for example, go to a clinic. You can also spend some time with their kids when they need to go somewhere.

    No need to ask for help about something global: to ask the husband to cook dinner, of course if he doesn’t mind to spend some time in the kitchen. Ask to cut a piece of meat instead or peel some potatoes.

    You shouldn’t also ask people to do what they dislike, to wash the floor, for example. It is better to find activities, which your helpers will easily do.

    Help your helpers to help you (for example, when leaving your kids with the grandmother, provide them with all the necessary things for their productive pastime). And be sure to thank them for the help, even if you think that the task was performed not very well.

    Habit number 6: ability to strengthen relationship with your husband

    When children are born, we pay all our attention to them as a rule, and our husbands often feel superfluous, unnecessary, and abandoned. This mustn’t happen. Men, like women, have their own key needs that we must satisfy as much as possible.

    What do they want? First, respect, admiration, and inspiration (when telling you about his difficulties at work, your man expects that you support him. Second, sexual satisfaction. Third, your husband wants to spend leisure time with you. Try as much as possible to share his hobbies (go sometimes fishing together or attend a football match).

    The fourth need is to know that he lives with an attractive woman.

    And finally, men need a well-organized way of life. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment for your house; cleanliness and comfort are enough. A man needs a calm relaxing atmosphere, where he will be able to gain strength.

    Of course, it’s impossible to develop all the habits at the same time. Do it gradually. Once you master one habit so that you won’t control your actions, start developing a new one. Thus you will develop all the necessary habits one by one. And a habit you should start mastering right now is the ability to plan.

    When we know what we want, we break our goal into small steps and achieve success in even such a difficult activity as motherhood.

    What are your ways of managing your time? Tell us about your experience!


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