Through the Tunnel

    The Tunnel

    Babies need to crawl to develop well, and “Through the Tunnel” is an activity he will enjoy and you will not have to think how to make your baby crawl.

    You need a tunnel. If you have a purchased tunnel, it’s OK. But you can also create other types of tunnels. Put a few chairs in a row so that your infant can crawl under. You can even cover them with a blanket. Also put cushions under the chairs or in the tunnel for your baby to crawl over on the way through the tunnel. Make a surprise, put the favorite toy at the end of the tunnel. Use your imagination, be creative!

    Have fun and joy crawling!

    While your baby is crawling, say the rhyme:

    I’m crawling, crawling through the tunnel.
    I’m crawling, crawling, where is mommy (bunny, doggie, kitty etc.)?
    I’m crawling, crawling, Peek-a-Boo!
    I’m crawling, crawling through the tunnel.
    I’m crawling, crawling slowly,
    I’m crawling, crawling quickly.

    You should know

    – Crawling is one of the most important phases in the child’s early development .  So do not hurry her through it.

    – Crawling organizes important areas in the central nervous system that are non-thinking. These areas are the basis for learning and general child development. When these areas mature well learning has a sound base and develops easily. If the area is not developed enough, learning is chaotic and in disorder.

    – This stage is very important in development of your baby as it develops gross and fine motor control, the near and far senses and it develops neural pathways and further creates myelin around each nerve fiber.

    – To encourage your baby to start crawling, let her spend much time on her tummy on the carpet and put toys just out of reach so she will have to move to reach them.

    – This activity will help your baby learn about the space around her. She will learn how to have control over her limbs in order to crawl in a narrow space.

    – While rolling develops both hemispheres separately, crawling integrates both brain hemispheres. This is the basis for integrated learning at all stages of life.

    – The game is a tremendous fun!


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