Threading Beads – Enthralling Activity for Babies 12 Months

    Threading Beads

    Threading beads is a funny activity absolutely all children adore. This is one of the wonderful ways that will help you find approach to your baby and develop his cognitive skills step by step from the very early childhood.

    First of all show your baby a ready necklace of beads or buttons. Examine the beads together – discuss the color, shape, size, put it on your neck, let the baby touch the beads with his fingers and even take them into his mouth (the baby can do that if the beads are on the thread).

    Now offer your little one to make the necklace on his own. For this purpose prepare big buttons or beads with big holes in them. Then take several threads of different colors and let the baby choose the color he likes most. Discuss the thread and beads together with the baby, let him touch them. But watch the baby not to take them into his mouth for they are separated and not on the thread.

    Now take a button and show your little one how you thread a button or a bead. Then offer the baby do that on his own. Of course it is likely that he can’t do that himself so take his hands and direct them.

    Two or three beads or buttons are enough for a start but it is OK if the baby likes the activity and wants to play more.

    Don’t worry if your little one doesn’t like the activity or has little patience. Postpone this for a month or two and play it again.

    You should know

    – This develops baby’s fine motor skills.

    – The activity helps your little one develop his eye-hand coordination.

    – This is a great way to help the baby develop perseverance and focus.

    – It’s lots of fun!


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