The Vital Importance of Placenta and Umbilical Cord for Newborn Babies

    Umbilical Cord

    Recently I have come across information that on my mind is very important to keep babies healthy – about the vital importance of placenta and umbilical cord for babies at the moment of their birth. Hope you will find it useful too. The article was written by a former Russian physician Kirill Rep’ev.

    It’s not propaganda of certain actions in any way, this information is just for you to be aware, and if you are aware – you are protected.

    There is an unwritten, informal rule in the maternity hospitals and hospitals – to cut the umbilical cord immediately. And it’s positively must not be done! The fact is that a baby at birth breathes in two ways. First, he receives oxygen and nutrients through the umbilical cord. His lungs are not yet fully activated and the baby gradually, step by step breathes the air with his nose thus activating the lungs. And “doctors” cut the umbilical cord immediately after birth, the oxygen no longer flows through the umbilical cord and the baby feels suffocation, he has to make sharp grasping breaths and to activate the lungs too quickly … it HURTS him!

    Moreover, the blood in placenta must flow through the umbilical cord to the baby. If the umbilical cord is cut immediately, the baby will not receive the necessary blood! And the placental blood contains natural protective immunity for this baby. That is, if the umbilical cord is cut immediately, the baby is then intentionally deprived of a part the natural immunity!

    WHY?? Such a child deprived of the natural immunity will likely have health disorders, and therefore, parents of such baby will be fobbed off with vaccinations pills medicine ointment or even surgery. The more ill children and people the more customers, patients for “medicine”. Nothing personal, just business…

    The umbilical cord can be cut no earlier than one hour after birth .. But “doctors” do not think about that (or don’t want to think), they want to do everything quickly with glib excuse …Medical business wants the umbilical cord and placenta to be fresh …

    Why “medicine” needs fresh placenta and the umbilical cord? They produce expensive medical and cosmetic products from the tissues of the umbilical cord and placenta tissue. This is one of the reasons why the medical business does not want people to give birth at home. After all, if people give birth to their children at home, the umbilical cord and placenta will stay at their homes and medical business will be left without its income… Nothing personal, just business.

    So what do you think about the topic? Have you ever dealt with the situation? Share your thoughts with us!


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