The Best Childcare Options You Will Find in Singapore

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    Childcare options becomes an issue you thoroughly think about when relocating to a different country on a permanent or temporary basis.

    One reason you might move is due to work. You may be posted to a different country permanently or just temporarily. You may also decide to set up business and become a citizen of the specific country.

    You may also switch nationalities. Singapore is one of the countries you can move to or settle in. The country has experienced significant development over recent decades. As a foreigner, you can set up business in the country and become a permanent resident. The Singaporean government has created measures that can attract more foreign investors.

    The business environment there is good, and you will find a ready market. You should also have the proper documents before moving to this country. The Singapore immigration visa and work permit are some of them. You can get one from their immigration offices or seek assistance from agents.

    Visit for one of the best visa experts who will help you acquire this important document fast. Having and raising a child in Singapore should not worry you either. Most non-citizens are worried about how they can bring up their kids in the country. There is a variety of childcare options you can choose from in the country. The following are some of the best childcare options in Singapore.


    This is the ideal option for parents who prefer bringing up their children with a religious foundation. There are several churches in Singapore offering childcare options that are affordable for any parent. Some of them have established their schools or kindergartens where your child can be educated too. Your child may learn strong discipline in this sort of environment.


    Commonly known as the NTUC first campus, this is one of the best providers of early childhood education in Singapore. NTUC is among the largest pre-school institutions in Singapore. Started in 1977, it has provided quality education to many children. The other thing that makes it stand out is that it is affordable for any parent.


    You can hire a nanny or babysitter if you want more personal care for your child. Getting the right one can be a difficult task for parents who need someone they can trust. A good nanny should be able to teach your child the basics. There are agencies where you can get some of the best nannies out there. Carry out a proper assessment before settling for one. You can also hire a freelance nanny who will only be available during the day.

    Premium child care centers

    There are several premium childcare centers in the country you can look at. These centers are run by well-known organizations that will guarantee your child a quality upbringing. The most popular ones in Singapore include the House on the Hill Montessori pre-school, Brighton Montessori, Greentree Montessori and the Raffles Montessori Kindergarten. With all these options, you won’t miss out on a good childcare option.

    What do you think of these childcare options? Do you have more ideas? Share your thoughts and experience with other parents.


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