Ten Bananas


    Ten Bananas is an activity that helps your baby gain his first counting skills.

    Teach or review counting to from 1 to 10. Take 10 countable object and practice counting. It will be great if you can get plastic bananas.

    You can draw red dots on the white sheets. from 1 to 10. First show them to your baby one by one saying the number. And then jump on them counting. Or draw 10 pictures of bananas from 1 to 10 and jump or crawl on them as well.

    You can vary and change bananas with apples, dolls, dogs etc.

    Create your own melody and sing the song.
    It is great if you sing it without any musical background.

    One banana, two bananas,
    Four bananas, five bananas,
    Eight bananas, nine bananas,
    Now repeat this all over again!

    You should know

    – The song and rhyme help learn counting. There is so much you can count.

    – The song encourages problem-solving skill.

    – Using numbers involves underlying knowledge. Mathematical activities with your baby are very important.

    – Counting helps logical thinking develop.

    – You should not to be good singer. Just sing and have good time.


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