Teen Pregnancy Prevention – Tips for Concerned Parents

    Teen Prengnacy Prevention

    Teen pregnancy prevention is one of the main things parents can and need to do when their children reach adolescence.

    At this age, pregnancy is mostly not planned. All teens know that unprotected sex leads to pregnancy, but most of them believe that it won’t happen to them.

    However, parents are able to prevent the consequences of a thoughtless attitude to sexual relations.

    How to prevent teen pregnancy

    1. Warm and friendly relations with the parents. This is the main condition of the child’s well-being. One of the reasons why some teenagers consciously put themselves at risk of pregnancy is loneliness, lack of emotional bonds with relatives, lack of their interest in the child’s life. Girls think that when giving birth to a baby, they have a really close and loving person.

    Thus, moms and dads need to spend more time with the children, to go to the concerts and movies together, to go hiking and be interested in the child’s hobbies. The teenager must feel his family’s attention and care.

    2. More talks about sex and human physiology. Talk with your child about relationships between a man and a woman, about contraceptives, sexually transmitted infections. Try not to lecture your child, but communicate and exchange views.

    No need to give intimate details, just explain the both men’s and women’s different attitude to sexual intimacy. There are many ways to show your love and sex is not the only one; tell your child that sexual blackmail (“If you do not want me, then you do not love me“) means that a young man just wants to use the daughter, he doesn’t really love her.

    3. Be sure to teach the girl to say “no”, come up with the phrases that will help her avoid some ambiguous situations and harassment from a young man.

    4. Encourage your teenager to visit various clubs and hobby groups. Teenagers often have sex when bored, looking for thrills. For example, a make-up training can become both an interesting and useful pastime – later, the girl will be able to earn money and to pay for a new hobby on her own.

    5. Open the daughter’s eyes to her life prospects. Tell her that a good education gives her many chances in life; how fun and exciting it is to be a student.

    6. Try to be aware of your kid’s everyday events. Of course, she may not like it, but you are responsible for her safety and well-being. The girl is young and has too little experience, therefor she does not always know how to act properly, and your job is to direct and prompt her.

    Under the age of 18, the kid’s body is still developing. And pregnancy at this age can affect negatively both a young mother’s health and the future kid’s well-being. If parents don’t properly support their daughter, it is likely that she won’t receive an adequate prenatal care. As a rule, teenagers do not follow the doctor’s advise; many do not give up bad habits and keep on maintaining the habitual lifestyle.

    Teenagers are more at risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy than older women are. Other complications can be:

    – miscarriage;
    – premature birth;
    – a newborn’s low weight;
    – preeclampsia;
    – postpartum depression.

    A teen mother is herself still a child, and in most cases (but not always) she doesn’t adequately care of her baby. Infants lag behind in development and have lower cognitive development scores.

    Therefore, it’s important to notice your daughter’s pregnancy as soon as possible, to help her make the right choice, and to give her all the necessary help and support.

    When pregnant, a girl has three options:

    – to give a birth to the baby and raise her;
    – to give the child to an orphanage;
    – to have an abortion (that’s the last thing you should think about).

    You must support the girl, don’t in any case force her to this or that action. You must honestly tell her about the consequences of abortion, how it harmfully affects the reproductive function in the future; about the moral aspect; that abortion affects women’s health worse than natural childbirth does. Discuss consequences, both positive and negative aspects of every decision she will make.

    What do you think about teen pregnancy? What other ways of its prevention and how to support the kid do you know?


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