Tapping Game


    Another way of helping the baby to discover her own body is playing the tapping game.

    Tap on your baby’s body. The actions must be rhythmical! This can be done with any part of the body. The action can be replaced with any other touching, e.g. rub, stroke, pinch on baby’s nose etc.

    While doing this, say:

    I’m tapping on my baby’s elbows,
    I’m tapping on my baby’s toes,
    I’m tapping on my baby’s knees,
    I’m tapping on my baby’s fingertips.

    You can take the baby’s hands and do the same actions on your own body. And say: tweak on my cheek, touch my nose etc.

    You should know

    – Such a tapping can be seemed just a funny game and the baby may seem even quiescent. BUT! While you are tapping, the baby’s brain cells work hard, activating various regions of the brain and laying down the foundation for her future intellectual and emotional abilities.

    – Within weeks of conception, the brain of the fetus starts growing by 250,000 neurons per minute. At birth, the baby has the maximum neurons she will ever have – 100-200 billion. But these neurons need to be connected. But these connections are made by the senses stimulating. The brain grows in such a way.

    – The baby’s brain grows also in size. At birth, the baby’s brain weighs about 340 grams. By the age of one, the baby’s brain will triple in weight to about 1,100 grams. And by the age of 5, the baby’s brain is 90% of his grown-up weight – about 1,450 grams. So, it is clearly seen that the greatest growth of the brain is in the first year of life. And those neurons that won’t be connected will shrink and die.

    The key to baby’s future – emotional, intellectual and cognitive – is in the first years of life.


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