Take a Peek

    Take a Peak

    Before rhyming “Take a Peek”, teach the vocabulary:

    – Act out peek.

    – Show human mammy and baby; then show a mother hen and a chick.

    – Show your baby big and tiny objects.

    – Show two or three basic colours including yellow.

    – Let your baby touch smooth and fluffy objects.

    – Say the sounds of a dog, cat and a chick, e.g. a dog likes to bark “woof-woof”, a cat likes to meow “meow-meow”, a chick likes to cheep “cheep-cheep”.

    You can make a fluffy chick hat for your baby. Just make two paper hats – for you and for your baby. Stick yellow fluff on them. Put one hat on your head and say that you are a chick. Then put another one on the baby’s head and let the baby look in the mirror and see that she is a tiny chick. If you decided to make a chick together, let your baby help you to glue the hat and stick the fluff on it. The 6 months-old infants may not to show interest, but older infants will surely want to participate.

    You can act out being chickens.

    Let’s take a peek
    At this tiny chick.
    It is yellow and fluffy,
    And it likes to cheep.

    You should know

    – The richer the environment surrounding your baby, the better his language skills will develop.

    – The rhyme teaches tiny, yellow and fluffy.

    – The rhyme teaches about the nature – a certain bird and that it has fluff.

    – Rhymes sensitize children to speech patterns and the distinctive language sounds.


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