Everyone knows that physical exercises are one of the main components of a child’s development as well as they contribute to mental development. Therefore, the earlier your child starts swinging, climbing a ladder, moving down from a hill, the better.

    Go outdoors, in the garden or in the yard. Sit your baby on a swing and push her while reciting the rhyme rhythmically. Otherwise hold your baby in your arms of on your legs.

    I am swinging high,
    I am swinging low,
    I am swinging to,
    I am swinging fro,
    High, low, to and fro,
    High, low, to and fro.

    You can also swing the baby in your hands.

    You should know

    – Swinging and rocking are essential for early child development. They develop balance, posture by stimulating the vestibular system.

    – Rhymes develop the baby’s memory skills.


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