Swinging Game

    Swinging game

    When playing the Swinging game you develop baby’s balance and vestibular system.

    Swing your baby forwards and backwards or to and fro, as well as from side to side for a change. You can sit your baby on your knees and swing her forwards and backwards.

    Whatever you do, comment your actions:

    I am swinging to and fro, to and fro.
    I am swinging from side to side, from side to side.
    I like swinging to and fro,
    I love swinging from side to side.

    You should know

    – Babies subconsciously understand the importance of swinging for their development.

    – Swinging stimulates the waking of the near senses:

    1. Far senses are stimulated by hearing, seeing, touching and tasting.
    2. Near senses respond to what is happening inside the body – the vestibular system, muscle tension etc.

    – Thus swinging stimulates the near senses and helps the baby to orientate herself in the space and balance.

    – Standing up is in itself a sort a deviation of Newton’s Law of Gravity as it is most natural to lie down. Strength and balance are necessary for standing up and walking while defying the gravity force. Being in an upright position minimizes the body’s surface exposure to gravity. And the balance and coordination need to be good for this.

    – The vestibular motion is important for building baby’s balance and posture. So rocking and swinging are vital for balance.


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