Swinging Action

    Swinging Action

    This swinging action is based on the traditional nursery rhyme. Some lines has been changed; the meaning is not important.

    Before the game show your baby a picture of a see-saw and the sun. Laugh, show enthusiasm and happiness to show fun.

    You can swing on a see-saw. If the baby is too young, put her on you laps, face to you and swing to and fro chanting the rhyme rhythmically.

    Other variant of this game is that you lie down on your back, bend your knees and put the baby on your shinbones (look at the photo).

    Then slightly raise your tibiae and lower them, raise again and lower.   So your baby will swing up and down. Do this several times.

    Swing the baby to different tempos.

    You can use this rhyme:

    Sea-Saw, Marjery Daw,
    Judie is swinging with Mommy.
    She is swinging
    And has lots of fun,
    And the weather is very sunny!

    You should know

    – Swinging with the baby to slow or fast tempos develops the baby’s sense of tempo and rhythm. Babies love swinging.

    – Swinging helps develop baby’s vestibular system. It is very important for the balance.

    – Stimulating vestibular system develops posture and motor skills.

    – The more baby’s vestibular system is stimulated, the more quickly their physical abilities develop.

    –   Babies are born with the genes and synapses to learn music, tempo and rhythm. It’s just necessary to stimulate the brain’s synapses.


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