Sweet Nicknames and Their Influence on Children

    Sweet Nicknames

    How do you think, my dear readers, do we need to give our little ones sweet nicknames? Like Bunny or a gentle form of the child’s name? Anytime, anywhere, at any age, regardless of gender? They say, gentle names should be rarely used, that they affect boys negatively especially when they get older. So it turns out that the older the child, and if it’s a boy, the less gentle nicknames he needs then? Let’s see.

    Every parent believes that his child is special and it’s absolutely all right. But sometimes, willing to emphasize the child’s uniqueness, parents use unimaginable names, and sometimes even invented neologisms the meaning of which can be decrypted only by them. Typically, it’s a set of sounds or letters, and sometimes the changed kid’s name. And has anyone ever thought about the impact of the nicknames on the little one’s life?

    Quite often mothers and fathers give their children such nicknames as Bunny, Sunny, or Bear. The number and variety of such child’s nicknames, their uniqueness and meaning depend on the mood and creativity of his parents.

    Indeed, animals are as cute and pretty as babies are! One cant’s help agreeing with the fact that when we look at the baby animals, we experience sincere joy and delight, and that’s why such “plush” nicknames are quite popular. But sometimes parents do not even think that gentle nicknames affect their child negatively. Meanwhile, each nickname has a hidden meaning.

    Very often adults call their children kittens. Let’s think about that – a cat is not only a tender and gentle creature, but also a playful one with claws. In other words, a child can unconsciously develop misconception about himself. A desire to fool around will be formed unconsciously in the child!

    Bear, at a first glance, is a very kind nickname, but, at the same time, it can disrupt the child’s self-perception and affect his self-esteem. Thus, the child can experience the complex of sluggishness or of his own clumsiness, especially if the child is slightly overweight.

    When calling the child Bunny or Mouse, parents don’t tend to make him feel coward. But later on fear of his own insignificance can appear in the child. These nicknames can make the little one perceive himself as a “little person”. It mostly concerns boys – such nicknames should be given to them only in the very early childhood (under 4 years old).

    Of course, parents always want to call their little one as gentle as possible, expressing thereby their love to him. And yet, don’t do this too often, and it is very important to ask the child if he likes this nickname. Sometimes even the most sweet and affectionate nickname can be interpreted quite differently by the child.

    It is also important that the nicknames aren’t intrusive. Interests of the child should be respected. Also, do not change the nicknames too often and don’t use too complicated or difficult words.

    Yes, cute nicknames are necessary – they help create your own individual little world. But they should not be used beyond this little world. They are only yours, your family’s. Your kid should be called by name (Mary, John, Tod, and Sarah) among people but not sunny, bunny and puppy. There are situations when a cute child’s name turned into the public domain, and became a sobriquet for the child.

    Also it isn’t worth calling the child by name alone. Such soft, warm nicknames help parents express their love and good attitude to the child. Sometimes it is very difficult for the kid to trust his mom and dad, and nicknames are able to make the process of communication friendly. In other words, everything needs limits!

    Dear parents, what nicknames have you got for your little one? Share it in the comments!


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