Summertime Safety Tips for Families: Walking in Nature with Kids

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    The vacation season in coming, and we should remember that even during a carefree children’s holiday it is necessary to always think about the safety of our little ones. The following summertime safety tips will help you to spend a fun unforgettable time with your children.

    Be by your kids’ side

    You should always be by your kid’s side when in nature; you’re responsible for his safety. Do not rely on the child’s common sense and responsibility.

    Clothing and footwear

    When walking in the forest, you should prefer bright clothes for your kid, which will not allow him to quickly get lost. It’s worth providing your small traveler with comfortable shoes. Always make sure your child wears a sun hat to avoid overheating and sun strokes.

    Drink enough water

    Take the enough amount of fresh water with you every time when going hiking, camping or just walking in the forest. Both you and kids should drink much water, since you spend much energy, you can be hot, and you need to replenish your body water balance and avoid dehydration. Soda doesn’t fit in this case.

    Be less time in the sun

    To avoid sunburns and sun strokes, prefer shadow of the trees, use sunscreens for the body and the face.

    Permanent dialogue

    Constantly talk with the kid and track his movements. For this purpose you can play interesting word games.

    What to do, if…

    Before walking in nature, you should instruct the child that if he is lost or got into any other unpleasant situation, he should immediately scream and call for help.


    It’s no secret that these blood-sucking insects can cause a notable harm to any living thing’s health. Once came back home, carefully inspect the child after the walk in the forest. If you find a tick, immediately go to the nearest emergency room for the tick to be safely removed. Sharp smells like scented creams and soaps, perfumes, sweat, and so on attract insects. Use bug sprays.


    You should try to prefer only proven beaches equipped with rescue towers. A professional rescuer can protect everyone from a great trouble.

    A first-aid kit

    When going for a walk in nature, always have a medical kit with the medications in case your child is sick and the following first aid measures:

    • cotton pads;
    • a sterile bandage;
    • an antiseptic;
    • sorbents;
    • antipyretics both for adults and children;
    • antihistamines;
    • remedies for insect bites;
    • a burn relief spray or foam.

    The summertime safety rules are simple but very important. And when you follow them, you will always be sure about your little one’s safety and enjoy your walks in nature to the fullest.

    Do you have any other tips on how to secure kids in nature? Share your experience with us!


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