Stereotypes of Raising Children and Psychosomatics

    Raising Children

    Today I want to cover such an important topic as stereotypes of raising children and psychosomatics. Do you remember how often we say or were said in our childhood the phrases I’m describing below and how they influenced our or our children’s health and life?

    1. Do not drink cold water otherwise you will have a sore throat! The throat is sore not from the cold water, but from the unexpressed emotions / thoughts. If the child is not quenched when he is speaking, screaming or crying, and is not scolded for his words, emotions and the ways he expresses them, his throat will not be score.

    2. Do not make a mess with the food! Children do not know how to fool around. They explore the world and the physical properties of objects including food.

    3. Do not watch so close or you will spoil your eyes/ruin your eyesight! Our vision deteriorates (becomes myopic) when unpleasant associations with the future are being formed. For example, when an adult says roughly: you will learn this when you grow up, when you grow up you will understand how it is difficult to live/to earn money etc. Moreover vision becomes myopic when a person refuses to see the details. Children love to consider and touch everything, and the adults prohibit, demand that they do not mess about. Parents pull their children from their macrocosm into a boring adult life in every possible way.

    4 . Stop fooling around. But why? Childhood is the right time to fool around, isn’t it? If a child does not fool around enough, then this desire “to be a clown” will always be manifested in his adulthood in the strangest forms and images. And the person will also feel internal dissatisfaction.

    5. What are you saying? Shame on you! It is very fraught to make the child feel ashamed and guilty. In such a way an adult gets rid of the responsibility for himself, his state, his level of consciousness, his method of bringing up the child. And then this child lives with the alien burden, is ill, becomes unhappy, angry at the world, starts playing dirty and becomes cantankerous.

    6. Stop weeping! Calm down! It sounds like: Stop cleaning your soul, leave the inner pain inside and keep on living with it, pretend that you are not hurt, deceive yourself. The pain that has not been wept out will always be accumulated and the child will become angrier and more hard-hearted.

    7. You will fall down/hit, it will hurt. If a child is being told this, everything will happen this way. These words are not a warning for the child but the facts that program his consciousness to such a result of events. Instead of saying such phrases it is necessary to help the child try his hand at something new, to support him, to convince the child that he is strong and capable enough.

    Maybe these connections will seem something strange to you but I remember that I had a sore throat mostly every month in the school years as a result of my silent childhood. So let your child grow liberated, free, curious, active, and with other unique qualities that will help him become a successful person.

    Dear parents, do you have anything to add or dispute on this topic? Share your opinion with us!


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