Stacking Fun


    Your baby will play the “Stacking Fun” game with great pleasure for it is an entertaining game.

    The very first games that babies start playing are building and stacking.

    You can take any objects that can be put on the top of each other: plastic cups, board books, wooden, cardboard or foam  blocks, cereal boxes, shoe boxes and so on. Show your baby the objects you have chosen and say their names. Also show him a picture of a tower and build it yourselves.


    – High and higher. Build a tower of seven objects and say: it is high. Then add three more objects and say: now it is higher.

    – High and short. Show a picture of a tree and say: it is high. Then show a picture of a bush and say: it is short.

    Say the rhyme while stacking. It is great for you to sing it with your own melody. You can also talk to your baby while he is playing.

    Inspire him to build a house, a wall, a bridge etc. using their imagination. Maybe your baby will need your help in putting the blocks. The tower is ready, she will want to knock it down by herself. Or you can show her how to do this.

    Also help your baby develop the concept of numerosities. Bring different groups of objects of the same number, i.e. 5 green pencils and 5 red pencils, 5 blue balls and 5 yellow balls etc.

    Stacking, stacking
    Build a tower
    Take the blocks (cups, books etc.)
    One block, two blocks, three blocks
    What a short tower!
    Four blocks, five blocks, six blocks
    Higher and higher!
    Seven blocks, eight blocks, nine blocks,
    Ten blocks.
    What a high tower!
    Now knock it down!

    You should know

    – This game helps develop your baby’s hand release skills – she has to put down one block in order to take another one.

    – This game also teaches your baby about the balance – the blocks should stay one on another and not to fall down.

    – The idea of number is very important. Because if your baby deals with the numbers in many different situations she will surely deduce the abstract from the concrete example. For example, if dealing again and again with groups of 5 objects, she will be able to understand the reality of the number 5 better. This is the very basis for developing mathematical thinking. Number games and number songs develop the child’s ability to understand mathematics.

    – Building and stacking develop fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

    – The game help the baby learn about spatial relationships and shapes, as well as cause and effect when she knocks the tower down.


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