Sorting Shapes – Maths Activities for Toddlers

    Maths Activities

    These maths activities will help your little one develop his maths skills, will give him an opportunity to experience self-reliance and of course a bunch of positive emotions.

    Take a ball and a cube, decorate a shoe box and cut out a square and a circle holes in it. The size of holes must coincide with the size of the ball and the cube (it is important that the ball can’t go into the square hole and the cube into the round one).

    Now you are ready to play the game. Examine the box together with the baby – the house with windows. Say: Here’s a round window and a square one. Let the baby move a finger along the edges of holes. Help him if he has difficulties. Show baby the ball and say that you can put it into the window. Ask the baby: Which window to choose? Then put the ball together in it and merrily exclaim and clap your hands: Oh! The ball has gone!

    Now show baby the cube and say that there’s also a window for it. Ask him: Show me the window with your finger and put the cube into the box. Express happiness again.

    Take the cube and the ball, close the box, put it in front of the baby and let him do the same actions with the toys by himself. But first of all ask him which window he wants to choose. After the baby puts the ball into the box and expresses happiness with you, let him put the cube into the box. Maybe he will try to put it into the round window but the cube won’t go there. If the baby has difficulties putting the cube in the right position, direct his hand with your hand.

    You can repeat the manipulations for 3-4 times during the first lesson. Shake the box and listen to the toys making noise there. Give the box to the baby and let him shake it on his own.

    Play this game many times until the baby loses interest in these manipulations. Complicate the game by taking not 2 but 3 shapes.

    You can also vary the game – assemble toy pyramid with circle and square parts, invite Teddy Bear to dine with you and help him sort round and square sweets, etc.

    Fix baby’s acquired skills and abilities in practice. Let him help you take and products out of the shopping bag and put them on their places, put napkins and unbreakable dishware on the table.

    You should know

    Read about the influence of shapes learning on baby’s brain development in the game Learning about Shapes and Shapes Activities.


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