Solutions to Celebrate Christmas Day with Your 1- to 2-Year-Old

    Christmas Day

    Christmas is a special family day we are all looking forward to. And if you have a little child, do not be pre-upset thinking that you can’t have a fun Christmas day. Actually, you’ll just spend it other way. Your task is just to organize the holiday so that it’s comfortable not only for the little one, but for the other members of your family as well.

    How to get ready for Christmas day with a toddler

    1. When getting ready for the holiday you clearly understand that your little one gradually starts sharing the mood with you. He notices how the room is being changed: a furry Christmas tree appears, as well as bright, shiny garlands; beautiful toys; red socks, and other paraphernalia of this special day.

    2. Create a happy, festive, but at the same time a pretty quiet atmosphere in your family. Invite only people your little one is well familiar with. It’s important that the child feels comfortable. Do not buy firecrackers or launch fireworks, which can frighten the child.

    3. When decorating the room invite the kid to join this creative process. Show him how to attach the snowflakes on the windows, make paper garlands, and decorate the Christmas tree.

    4. Young children are very curious and will surely want to check the stability of the tree, so you should strengthen it very safely. The toys, you decorate the Christmas tree with, must be unbreakable. You can make them yourself the whole family out of available materials.

    5. To avoid unnecessary injury, take a piece of drawing paper or cardboard, and with the help of scissors and glue build a paper Christmas tree. Decorate it afterwards together with your little one. One of the most popular alternatives to Christmas tree is Ikebana made of fir branches. This way, you will create a festive atmosphere for the whole family and, at the same time, won’t worry about the little one. Moreover, you can decorate your composition the way you like and you won’t need to adhere to the Christmas traditions. Use your creative imagination; let the toddler help you with that.

    6. Prepare a beautiful festive costume for your child. You can either do it yourself or buy a ready-made one. Learn a few short rhymes with your child, sing Christmas songs. Be sure to prepare gifts for the child. Your little one will enjoy a brilliant bright packaging and his favorite toy inside. This will strengthen your kid’s faith in both a fairy tale and Santa Claus.

    How to spend the holiday with a toddler

    1. Your child is still very small, and whatever day it is, he needs a routine. It’s enough if you make a sugary treat for your little one and give him a favorite toy. A Christmas photo shoot will be a wonderful gift for the whole family. To do this, you can choose some themed Christmas costumes, such as a snowman or some other character.

    2. On the Christmas Eve invite both your kid’s friends with their parents and Santa Claus. Rent a costume and ask someone to play the fairy grandfather’s role, or invite artists.

    3. For the child not to get scared, prepare him to the meeting with this character ahead of time. Show your child pictures, tell him where Santa Claus lives. The kid will enjoy the story with a kind grandfather; tell him that he likes to give gifts to children.

    4. Once the child falls asleep, organize the holiday for adults. Just remember that you should not be noisy, so as not to scare the kid. It’s desirable that you eliminate alcohol from the Christmas menu. Even if the baby sleeps very soundly, do not leave the house and don’t leave the child alone. Remember that the child’s safety must be your priority.

    Christmas is a wonderful holiday, and our tips will help you organize it correctly for your whole family to enjoy it.

    Dear parents, how do you organize the holiday with your little kids?


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