Shapes Activities for Toddlers

    Shapes Activities for Toddlers

    To play shapes activities for toddlers, first of all, download the shapes and cut them out. Your baby should sit on the floor.

    Sorting by color

    Take a box and put red circles in it. Show them to your child. Let him play with the shapes the way he wants to. Put yellow shapes in another box. Show them to your baby and let him play with them. Mix the circles. Take a red circle and ask to give you the same one. Take a yellow circle and ask: “Is this the same one? No, it’s not the same – it is yellow.” Now take a yellow circle and do the same action.

    A week or two later, once the baby has learned to distinguish circles by color start playing with the squares.

    Sorting by shape

    Two more weeks later, start teaching your baby to distinguish shapes by shape, i.e. put circles (of one color at first) in one box, and put squares in another one.

    Sorting by color and shape

    Two more weeks later, put shapes of both colors in the box. Now the baby will learn to choose a shape of the necessary color and shape at the same time.

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    You should know

    – The activities will help you direct the cognitive energy of your baby in the right direction.

    – He will learn that the items can be collected according to a certain criteria, will learn to distinguish this feature, it is a very significant milestone in the development of logical thinking.

    – Praise the baby, as he learns to build the first logical connection, he actively grows and develops, and you actively help him in this.

    – The activity develops mind, memory and attention.


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