Shake It Game

    Shake It

    Playing the “Shake It Game” your baby will experience different sounds.

    Take three empty bottles. Fill them with rice, sugar and beans. Close the lid. Give the bottles to your baby one by one. Let him shake the bottles and hear different sounds and weight.

    Review high, low, noise, loudly, quietly.


    Take a bottle for yourself too, and shake together while chanting:

    Shake it! Shake it!
    What a big noise!
    Shake it high,
    Shake it low.
    Shake it quietly,
    Shake it loudly.
    Shake it! Shake it!
    What a big noise!
    And that is great!

    You should know

    – Shaking encourages your baby to create his own rhythm and volume to the noise he is making.

    – Different contents of the shakers introduce your infant to sound discrimination which, in turn, helps him recognize and perceive sounds of his native language.

    – Infants are born with the ability to make synapses for learning rhythm and music.

    – Shakers are extremely exciting!


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