See My House Game- Merrily Learn House with Your Baby

    My House

    The game “See My House” is very active and rich in various actions your baby will enjoy performing. The goal of the game is to enrich baby’s vocabulary and to teach him the concepts of here and there.

    You can learn the vocabulary from the rhyme by walking about the rooms and showing baby the objects, you can play Scrunchy Ball game or show the flashcards. Do whatever you think is useful according to your little one’s wishes. You can also make a toy house and garden. Invite dolls or toy animals to play with the house and to perform the actions together.

    Also repeat the colors, big and little and play with a ball.

    Now when your baby is ready to hear you chanting you need to perform all the actions either with the baby or on your own if the baby isn’t yet involved. But don’t worry, he will surely join you – it is so interesting, how can he just stand on the sidelines!

    Come and see my house,
    It’s orange and big.
    I live in the garden
    Where the flowers are big.
    Here’s the table
    And here’s the floor.
    Here’s the chair
    And there’s the door.
    Look out of the window
    And look at the wall.
    Lie on the carpet
    And play with the ball.

    You should know

    Rhyme and rhythm help the baby develop his sense of mother tongue as well as phonemic awareness.

    – Different active movements develop the baby’s sight and promote his physical development.


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