Scrunchy Ball

    Scrunchy ball pic, photo

    In order to make a scrunchy ball take a lot of newspapers, magazines. Start scrunching each paper one by one to make a ball. Do this together with your baby. Let her scrunching paper herself.  Stick adheiseve tape around it in order to fix your ball. Have fun!

    Then show how to hit the table, wall and door. But do this very gently! Because your baby will repeat after you.

    Have fun rolling the ball into different containers and hitting the objects. While playing say the rhyme over and over again:

    Scrunch and scrunch and scrunch the paper,
    Let’s stand up and hit the table,
    Hit the wall and hit the door,
    Now let’s roll across the floor.

    You should know:

    – This game shows your baby creative ways in making a ball and teaches her to be creative.

    – Your baby develops hand-eye coordination.

    – The game is a tremendous fun and involves lots of movement.

    – Very young infant can watch you making the ball. She may want to help you and may move to get the ball with you.

    – The window of opportunity for motor skills to develop is from prenatal till the age of 4.


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