Sailing Boat Active Game

    Sailing Boat

    Sailing boat game is an effective way to stimulate your baby’s positive emotions and sense of wonder. On the strength of my personal experience, I can say that children always like this activity, they laugh and ask to play it again and again.

    Sit on the floor your face to the baby. Slightly spread his legs to the sides and put your legs on them. Take his hands and start bening forwards and backwards.

    Bend forwards until the baby’s back touches the floor and then return to the initial position.

    Sing the song while playing this game.

    The boat is sailing, sailing, sailing,
    The boat is singing loo-loo-loo.
    The boat is carrying, carrying, carrying
    The gifts for me and you.

    You should know

    – The purpose of the game is to stimulate positive emotions in a child, especially if he is in a low mood.

    – Physical contact between a child and his parent is being established.

    – The child’s need in interaction with an adult is being generated.

    – This helps develop a child’s motor activity and ability to express positive emotions.


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