Rub a Dub Dub Game

    Rub a Dub Dub

    Play “Rub a Dub Dub” game when bathing the baby. First of all show pictures or video of a sea and waves to your little one and teach him about see-don’t see as in the game Peek-a-Boo. Every time before bathing practice go-went: go to a window, to a door, to a crib or bed and comment all your movements: we went to the window, we went to the door, etc. Paly also with different toy animals, comment all their and your movements and utter the sounds they do.

    When reciting the rhyme, perform the movements conveying the meaning of words – your baby will thus learn sign language. And always remember about your positive emotional facial expressions for all babies love this language and you share your great mood with your little one.

    Rub a dub dub,

    Rub your and baby’s tummies.

    You and me in the tub.

    Point to you and the baby and make a circle with your arms in front of you (for tub).
    (Later on when the baby knows you and me, you can speak of someone or something else in the tub. You are free to use all your imagination.)

    And what do you think we see?

    Hold your arms out as if asking a question, and then hold your hand over your eyes.

    A sheep and a cat, a dog and a rat.

    Stroke yourself as if showing wool (sheep), stroke imaginary whiskers (cat), wag imaginary tail (dog), flick your nose with crossed fingers (rat). You can also take other animals or even objects but always try to show signs for them.

    And they all went out to sea.

    Show sea – make waves with your arms.

    You should know

    – The baby learns sign language and this helps you understand him better.

    – The game promotes your baby’s cognitive development.

    – Often repeated rhymes are great for baby’s memory and early language development.

    – This strengthens warm relationships between you and your little one.


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