Round and Round the Garden

    Round and Round the Garden

    Finger plays help your child to receive a variety of sensory impressions, his attention develops as well as the ability to focus. One of these finger plays is “Round and Round the Garden”.

    Take a Teddy Bear. Make a scene of a garden with leaves, grass and a path.

    Show your baby the toy and say that this is a Teddy Bear. Show your handmade garden and say that this is a garden. Then show the Teddy Bear going round and round the garden. Do it a few times. Let your baby try do this too.

    Do the activity below and say the rhyme at the same time.

    Your baby will want you do it over and over again.

    By your voice tone the baby knows that she is going to be tickled and will surely giggle! It is so good!

    The repetition of the game will let the baby know what to expect.

    Round and round the garden, like a Teddy Bear.
    (gently move finger in a circle around baby’s palm)
    One step, two step
    (walk your fingers up baby’s arm)
    Tickle you under there!
    (tickle under chin, under arm or tummy)

    You should know

    – The first area where the humor takes place is the physical one.  The tickling causes a great laughter.

    – Later, the mere anticipation of the tickling will cause great laughter.

    – The fun and the laughter together strengthen bonding between your baby and you.

    – The infant becomes more aware about his palms, underarms, tummy and other tickled body parts.

    – Finger action rhymes greatly enhance early language development as well as kinesthetic one.

    – The baby’s heart is beating faster even when she has eye contact with a parent and is spoken rhythmically.


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