Romantic Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

    Romantic Ideas

    We all are eagerly expecting for Valentine’s Day to come, to make this day a special and memorable one and to give our beloved ones lots of love, tenderness, affection, care and of course gifts. The following romantic ideas will help you to decorate your apartment quickly and beautifully and to create your home environment festive and romantic on this day.

    Ideas for Valentine’s Day celebration at home

    To decorate your apartment on Valentine’s Day you should have: balloons, cards in the form of hearts, all sorts of garlands, candles in special glass containers or candelabra, rose petals, and of course the most important attributes – chocolate and champagne.

    The first idea: fairy show of balloons and hearts

    To implement this idea, you will need a large number of balloons inflated with gas. They can be in the form of red hearts that will add zest to the general appearance. You can attach the balloons to the furniture or let them freely float to the ceiling, place them only in the bedroom or in all rooms – it depends on your desire. You can write lots of verses and wishes to your beloved one on the little hearts and attach them to the ribbons tied to the balloons. This pleasant surprise will surely be appreciated!

    The second idea: romantic candles

    Candles are one of the most romantic attributes, their light will create your home environment warmer and more comfortable, and you will look more mysterious and attractive.

    There are many ways to decorate the apartment with candles. You can place them all around in the interesting candlesticks or use them as a beautiful decoration for the served festive table. Make a path of rose petals and candles from the front door to the bedroom. If you celebrate Valentine’s Day together with your husband or boyfriend, the flickering candle light will make the evening a memorable one!

    You can make your bathroom the venue. Turn off the lights and place the candles all around the bathroom, fill the bath with warm water, add rose petals and essential oils in it. When taking a bath together in such a romantic atmosphere you’ll get a delicious delight and more happiness being close to each other!

    The third idea: garlands in the form of hearts

    This idea will be very useful if you decide to decorate one room. You will need garlands in the form of small or large hearts. Arrange them as you like – hang them under the ceiling or along the walls.

    And do not be afraid to go overboard with them – the more garlands on Valentine’s Day the better, and remember that today red and pink colors must prevail.

    The fourth idea: create a photo gallery

    For this you need photo frames, which perfectly fit into your interior and will spoil you after the holiday as well. Place there the photos of you two at different stages of your relationship and hang the frames all around the room. Such interesting photo gallery will create a special nostalgic mood, and it means that you will surely spend a great evening.

    Entertainments on Valentine’s Day at home

    The following ideas will help you to surprise your beloved one and make this holiday unusual and creative.

    Find a gift

    You can present your gift in a very interesting way. Through a play, for example. To do this, you should carefully hide the gift and spread the hearts all around the apartment with the written hints on them where to look for the gift. In order to spark the interest of the “seeker” encourage him or her with gentle kisses and caresses.


    Take a beautiful container and place hearts there with the wishes written funny on them. Let each of you pull a heart out and fulfill the wish written on it.

    Tender words

    Say tender words to each other in turn but don’t repeat the words twice.

    Let’s have a bite, dear

    Your task is to eat an apple, a piece of chocolate, a cake, etc. without the help of hands and not to let the food stuff fall down whhile feeding each other.

    Focus on the bedroom

    Buy beautiful linens, create canopy above the bed of the transparent flowing fabric. All this will look very tempting, especially by candlelight. Spread the cute themed trinkets all over the room, such as lovers’ statutes, chocolate in the form of hearts or a beautiful ice bucket with champagne.

    And, of course, cook a delicious festive dinner for Valentine’s Day. The menu should include your beloved one’s favorite dish as well as something new and unusual. Surprise your dear one, let him or her feel your love over and over again!

    May you have a wonderful holiday, love and appreciate each other!

    What are your ideas on how to celebrate this wonderful day with the beloved one?


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