Roll the Ball

    Roll the Ball

    The essence of the game is to roll the ball under the bridge.

    First, make a bridge. Take three wooden or plastic building blocks, and a stick. Put the blocks in a row a short distance away from each other, then put the stick on the blocks. The bridge is ready! Show your baby how to roll the ball under the bridge for it not to fall down. Then let him do this himself. Help him if necessary.

    Say the rhyme while playing the game:

    Under the bridge
    I am rolling the ball
    I must not allow
    My bridge falling down.

    You should know

    – Saying the rhymes helps the infants remember the words which they hear over and over again.

    – Such rhythm and rhyme develop infants’ phonemic awareness for pre-reading and encourage the baby say sounds and learn words.

    – Ball games develop infants’ fine motor skills and eye-body coordination.


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