Recommended Baby’s Room Temperature Norms

    Room Temperature

    Many pediatricians recommend that the baby’s room temperature is +18°C – +19°C. But there are also the opponents who assure that this temperature is low, newborns are not accustomed to it, thus it should be higher. So, what to do?

    Kids come into our world from a dark enclosed space of the uterus with a temperature of +36,6°C. During the first month of life children like warmth very much!

    And it happens that they don’t gain weight when staying in the place with the temperature of +18°C because their bodies spend energy for digestion of eaten food but for keeping warmth.

    Therefore baby enjoys such a temperature at which you can be in T-shirts and shorts. If it is very warm in the room, baby can be in a light nappy, a loose jacket, or just naked.

    Moms often complain that when they put their as if soundly sleeping baby into his crib, he immediately wakes up. This happens because the baby gets into a cool space out from you warm arms. To prevent such baby’s reaction, warm the crib in advance: put there a bottle with hot water or a heater, or iron the diaper. And another trick is the best! Lie down with your child and after he falls asleep crawl out from under him leaving your bathrobe with the smell of milk, and cover the baby with a warm blanket. And then, most likely, he will have a good and sound sleep. In general, this technique can and should be used. Clothing that has your smell can do wonders and give you more free time.

    When the baby gets a bit older and he’s got already used to the new world and temperatures, it is worth reducing the room temperature to these +18°C – +19°C. I know the situation when the family lived in a private house and baby was very anxious and capricious, he was crying all the time. Parents didn’t know what to do, nothing worked to soothe him. And his mother took him in her arms and started just walking about the house saying soothing words. When she went out into the corridor where the air was cooler, the baby calmed down immediately and livened up.

    Why do babies like cooler temperatures when they get older? It is easy to explain.

    Baby’s metabolism is very intensive and it is accompanied with generation of a significant amount of heat, and the baby needs to get rid of it. This can be done in two ways – through the skin (direct transfer of heat when there’s contact between two environments with different temperatures, plus evaporation of sweat) and through the lungs. The air inhaled by a man (and a baby is not an exception) is heated to the body temperature while reaching the lungs. That is, the child inhales the air that has a temperature 18 degrees Celcius and exhales, respectively, +36.6°C. And, of course, a certain amount of heat is lost at this time. If the temperature of the inhaled air is +23°C, it is obvious that heat losses are reduced considerably. But it is necessary to lose the heat!

    And the child activates the second way to lose heat – through the skin. It is necessary to create sweat (newborn’s sweat glands are poorly developed, that is, he is adapted by the Nature to lose heat through the respiratory system), which is not only wet, but also salty – it means that water and salts are lost, and stocks of them are very small in the newborn. Even when there’s a small lack of fluid in the body, work of all systems and organs is sufficiently disrupted. And the consequences of these violations you will surely find when you unwrap the baby. Overheat is primarily seen on your baby’s skin – it is of bright red color in the places where sweat is accumulated – diaper rash in the groin, for example. His abdomen becomes swollen and aches (lack of liquid makes intestinal juices thick and they are barely able to digest food), there are white spots in the mouth – thrush (thick salvia because of the lack of liquid doesn’t perform its functions), there are dry crusts in the nose, that makes breathing difficult (baby can’t sometimes suck), etc.

    Temperature for the infant can be regulated by solving two tasks:

    1. air temperature in the children’s room;
    2. baby’s clothing.

    It is extremely important (!!!) not to confuse such concepts as “child is cold” and “the temperature of inhaled air”.

    The optimum temperature for a child’s room is +18°C – 19°C. The greater, the worse. You should remember for a lifetime the most important rule, which allows making the right decision when you are in doubt: it is better to overcool than overheat.

    Only in this way, because it shouldn’t be forgotten, in any case, about the fact that overcooling is much more dangerous than overheating!

    Natural conditions usually allow creating the optimum temperature (+18°C – +19°C), but there are exceptions and quite frequently. A child may be born in the hot season, in a country with a hot climate, etc.

    It is possible to protect the child from overheating when the room temperature is high (greater than +22°C) in three ways:

    1. clothing – minimum amount;
    2. enough supply of liquid besides breastmilk (water);
    3. bathing.

    What is your baby’s room temperature? What temperature does he prefer: warm or cool? Tell us your stories and share your experience! We love hearing from you!


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