Put On and Take Off

    Put On and take Off

    The game “Put On and Take Off” is recommended for the 11 month olds. But younger babies can play it as well, for all babies enjoy rattling dishes.

    Take many containers with lids. Play with the objects covering them with the lids. First , let your baby do this activity herself – put on and take off. Encourage her! If she has not worked it out then show your baby how to do this.

    If your baby is too young just keep showing her this activity while she watches. It will speed up her development and will interest her. If your baby joins you, all the better!

    Play this game over and over again for a few weeks.

    Say the rhyme while doing this:

    I have many lids and pans.
    I play with them.
    I put lids on and take them off.
    And see! I really can!

    You should know

    – Babies have an inborn want to solve problems.

    – This game gives an opportunity to explore how different tops are put on and taken off the different containers.

    – The game also helps develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

    – The game helps develop spatial and mathematical skills.

    – The rhyme develops infants’ phonemic awareness for pre-reading with a feel for the rhythm and music of her mother tongue.

    – By the age of 11 months babies are able to calculate the object’s size using her hands. She can coordinate her hands to hold an object in two hands. By this age the baby’s fine motor skills develop to make more complicated manipulations and for further child development.


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