Put in-Take out


    Babies discover the surrounding world all the time. One of the ways is playing a “Put in-Take out” game. You can join your baby and have fun playing this game together.

    Take a box or any container then take an item and demonstrate how to put it in. Then it’s the baby’s turn, give her the container and the item and say: put it in. Do this many times.

    Then take a bottle filled with sugar or anything else and demonstrate how to shake it. Then it’s the baby’s turn. Say: shake it, shake it, one-two-three.

    Then demonstrate how to take it out. It’s a harder activity and you may guide baby’s hands.

    And give it to me is shown by outstretching your arms and flexion-extension of your palms and asking for an item.

    Then play saying the rhyme like this:

    Put it in, Put it in.
    Take it out, Take it out,
    Put it in, Put it in.
    Shake it, Shake it,
    One, two, three,
    Now give it to me.

    You can make your own rhymes.

    After a few weeks the baby will understand words and sentences.

    You should know

    – Actions put in, take out, shake it are important to master.

    – Pronouns and verbs are taught in this rhyme.

    – Here is the fine motor coordination involved.

    – The more the brain is stimulated, the more brain connections will be created.


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