Proper Parenting Skills: Bringing Up an Independent Child

    Parenting Skills

    Do you want your baby to grow up an independent and confident person? Help him in this! Use your parenting skills. Everything starts form an early childhood. Below I describe skills and abilities you should teach your little one about within the first year of life.

    1. To entertain himself

    Psychologists advise that it is necessary for every child from an early age to play alone from time to time. 10-15 minutes a day are enough. The baby will examine all the objects around, sort rattles, build towers with building blocks. And you, dear mother, will have a few extra minutes to take care of yourself. But you should leave the baby alone only when he quietly does his job.

    2. To climb down from the bed

    Teach the baby to be careful not only when he is crawling on the edge of the bed, but also explain and show him how to get down from it: first turn his butt, then dangle the legs and stand on the floor. A couple of training – and he will learn the lesson.

    3. To use a spoon

    A one year-old baby is sufficiently developed to use a spoon on his own, so you need to gradually teach him to feed himself. Even if you feed your child, you need to give him a spoon in his hand, and you should not take it right away and get angry if the baby gets dirty in the process of eating, because none of the skills is mastered from the first time.

    4. To drink from a cup (feeder cup)

    If the baby won’t master drinking from a cup, start teaching him to use a feeding cup. There are lots of models offered. Choose the one that is made of safe material. A feeding cup should be easy, and the baby should like its color.

    5. To understand the word “no”

    For the baby to react calmly to the prohibitions, you should not create too many constraints. Be strict at those moments when he tries to reach a dangerous object: a power outlet, stove, window. If you endlessly repeat the word “no”, the baby will soon stop reacting to it.

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    6. To call mom

    The baby will call you by scream or cry. After six months of age, he can improve his method of calling you. Ask your husband while playing with your son or daughter to call you: “Mom!”

    7. To be polite

    A year-old child should be able to wave bye-bye with his hand every time someone leaves. The main thing is to teach him about that! At 8-10 months of age, the child is able not only to say “give me”, but to nod his head signing gratitude. For the baby to succeed in this activity, you should show him an example.

    8. To remove clothing having come home from the outside

    Entering the house or apartment, the child must understand that he should immediately remove his shoes and outerwear. Do not let him go into the room while being dressed and in boots. It will be great if the dad hangs a hanger in the hallway at the child’s height level. The child should be taught to respect his mother’s work. Even at this age.

    Dear parents, do you have anything to add to this list? How do you teach your children about the good habits? Share your wisdom and tips with us!


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