Privacy Policy

Dear, guest, welcome to our Privacy Policy page. Website Administration respects the rights of the Website visitors. We recognize, without any reservation, the importance of the confidential information of our Website visitors. This page discloses what kind of information we receive and collect when you use the Website. We hope that this will help you make informed decisions regarding the personal information you provide to us.

We are interested in protection of the personal information you publish on the Website pages: your personal data and contact information, including the email address that become known to the Website administrator when he reads the information.

Website Administration will not share any information about you with any third parties or make this information publicly accessible (on online or offline resources) without your express consent. Thus, you agree with our privacy policy when submitting personal information in order to add it to the Website database. Under no circumstances will the Website Administration use this information for commercial purposes.

Website users’ confidentiality

• Information you provide while registering on the Website can be used solely for internal working purposes of the Website. Your email address can be used only to contact you for questions about a subject or technical aspects of the Website work. The information specified during the registration on the Website will not be publicly accessible or used for any other purposes not connected with the work of the Website. While filling in the contact form in order to contact the Website administrator, specifying your real name is not necessary.

• Information you provide during the registration can be accessed by registered users only. A username or a login specified during registration is the only information that is publicly accessible.

• When specifying your information on our Website, you agree that this information will be published on our Website and will be available to the public or accessible in restricted mode.

Removal of information from the Website

You can view, edit or request to remove the information you specified during registration, as well as information about your company or a project added to the portal database. For an opt-out request that your information be removed, please contact the Website administrator by filling in the contact form and we’ll do our best to fulfill your request as soon as possible. It’s also possible that certain information will still be stored in our database and archived entries. We reserve the right to contact our former users from time to time.

For questions

If you have any questions about the usage of your personal information or questions about the work of the in general, feel free to contact the Website Administration via the contact form.