Preparing Mentally to Get Pregnant: Simple and Important Tips

    Get Pregnant

    Have you decided to get pregnant? You should then start preparing for pregnancy and motherhood right now.

    First of all, tune your mind and body into future changes and not easy months of expecting a baby. To do this you must pay much attention to your psychological readiness for pregnancy, to your emotions, and inner feelings. Let’s discuss together what to expect and make your pregnancy a real wonder.

    Everything is very simple

    – First, you need to decide how to happily spend time before the childbirth. Psychologists and physiologists state that a developing baby feels the same emotions that his mom does. And an expectant mom’s psychological state of mind affects greatly her child’s future. Ways for you to stay positive and happy are many: listen to the TV news as less as possible (if you can stop listening to them at all), often talk with nice people, avoid conflicts with the members of your family, read good books, buy stylish clothes for pregnant women, visit a church.

    – You should try to fill the time before the delivery with love and tenderness. Harmonious relationship with the child’s father will help you stay calm and happy within the entire pregnancy.

    – Spend the nine months of your pregnancy as efficiently as possible. The following lines will tell you how do that.

    Get ready to meet your little one

    Of course buy all the necessary stuff both for your child and yourself. The most necessary things are diapers and nappies, baby wraps for breastfeeding, slings for carrying the baby, clothes for breastfeeding, child’s clothes for going outdoors, bathing accessories.

    Get physically and psychologically ready for labor and birth. For this purpose you need to “learn” to give birth to your child. Visit classes for pregnant women, learn breathing techniques you will use during the childbirth, exercise to get your body ready to carry the baby and for childbirth, learn the details of labor and birth.

    Pregnancy brings lots of changes in your life. For example, a future mom should take care of her own health, to listen to the slightest signs of discomfort and anxiety, to see her doctor. She needs now to pay attention to the quality of underwear and find comfortable clothing, as well as to rest much time and follow her pregnancy diet.

    Also during pregnancy a woman’s social activity will be changed. A baby requires care around the clock, and no matter whether she breastfeeds him or not. Many mothers are socially isolated after childbirth, stop meeting their friends. To avoid this, try to change your lifestyle while pregnant.

    Beside friends, find other contacts: phones of good doctors and consultants on breastfeeding, recreation centers and communities where moms and babies meet, developmental classes for babies.

    Pregnancy is a unique time to learn much information how to be a successful parent. Baby massage and care classes, books, childbirth classes to get ready for labor and birth, lectures and webinars on breastfeeding and parenting – all these will help you to choose a lifestyle with your child.

    Preparing for pregnancy implies psychological preparation of a dad-to-be as well. You need to understand whether he is ready for his new status. It’s necessary that you tell and explain to him ahead of time what changes will be there in your body and mood when pregnant and after your child’s birth, and what changes to expect in your relationship thereafter. It will be perfect if you visit family planning classes together with your husband. Even if you are not planning to give birth to your baby together, you will learn what changes will be there in your body and mood during pregnancy and how to care of a newborn. Moreover, such classes are an occasion for you to spend time together, to communicate with the same families like you, to better understand each other.

    What other changes are waiting for you on your way to childbirth and motherhood?

    A new phase of relationship with your parents. The older generation can treat appearance of your baby in different ways, as well as the fact that they are grandparents now. Their children are already grownups and have their own children. They become more independent, self-reliant, and responsible parents, who make decisions and establish boundaries in the relationships.

    Limitation of physical activity prepares a mom to a new daily routine after the childbirth. The main task of young mothers is breastfeeding and baby care. Therefore, arrange who and how will do household chores so as to meet all the physiological and psychological needs of the child and of his mom.

    Sex life won’t also remain unchanged. You won’t have your sex life for a while for some physiological reasons. The uterus is very sensitive for 4-6 weeks after the childbirth. Sexual contact at this time can be a reason of various infections in the vagina, cervix, and, worst of all, in the uterus, resulting in the most difficult and dangerous complication – endometria. Some women experience unpleasant feelings during sex, so do not force yourself just to please your husband.
    Your gynecologist will recommend you the most appropriate time as well as how to choose the best contraceptive method, as the myth that a woman cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding has already been dispelled.

    It is no secret that a woman during pregnancy and after childbirth suffers hormonal changes in her looks, the type of skin, hair, and more.

    A nursing mother must be on a strict diet to keep the useful properties of her breast milk.

    Awareness of possible changes in your life associated with pregnancy and childbirth will help you to mentally get ready for your pregnancy. Motherhood is the best thing that can happen to a woman. So, relax, enjoy yourself, your husband, and your growing family.

    Of course, there are lots of ways how to prepare for pregnancy, so we have mentioned the basic ones. How did you get ready for your pregnancy? Do you have anything to add and recommend to other moms-to-be? Share your experience with us!


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