Pots and Pans

    Pots and Pans

    Take many pots and pans. Give your baby a spoon or a stick and let her beat on the pots and pans. Beat different rhythms.

    Show your baby how to beat loudly, quietly, fast, slowly. Show kitchen and noise, and review hands.

    Then let your baby enjoy beating, clanging and banging on the pots and pans, while you are chanting rhythmically:

    I have lots of pots and pans
    I’m beating, clanging, banging
    On the pots and pans
    One two three four five
    Watch my hands
    On pots and pans
    I’m beating fast
    I’m clanging slowly
    I’m banging loudly
    I’m banging quietly.
    Pots and pans
    Bang, beat, clang,
    What a big noise!
    It is great!

    You should know

    –  Your baby is exploring the different textures and sounds.

    –  The baby is learning rhythm.

    –  The baby learns to beat fast and slowly.

    –  Such rhymes helps baby develop phonemic pre-reading awareness.

    –  It is extremely funny! Your baby can bang on different pots and pans with a metal spoon or a wooden stick while listening to any music.

    –  The language centers of the brain and hands are part of the same neural pathway. This indicates that there is a connection between baby’s language development and their ability to grasp and perform tasks involving fine motor control.


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