Plush Toy is Mom’s Assistant

    Plush Toy

    Baby’s favorite plush toy can easily help you, parents, understand what your little one is thinking about. Though the baby is very young, his inner world is too much rich and diverse. What valuable thoughts float in his valuable head? What really excites him? What worries him? How did the previous day impress him? It’s mom’s task to know the answers for sure. But how? If the kid can’t yet eloquently tell us about all his thoughts and feelings, let’s then ask his toy for help. This is the case when the favorite plush toy comes to life like in a fairy-tale and answers all the questions. And its language will be clearer for the baby than an adult’s explanation, and therefore a serious process of parenting can turn into an exciting game.

    Let’s first revive our baby’s favorite toy – let’s talk to the toy and answer instead of it. Let the toy play and make the baby laugh. Now it has a new role – the child should not only trust it but also enjoy communication with it. Try to attract baby’s attention to the bear for example. Let’s consider some situations where the plush friend would be a mother’s indispensable assistant.

    Bear’s mistakes

    We do prefer to learn from the mistakes of others, and our babies are not wiser than we are when they bravely and positively try to experience everything on their own.
    The plush friend can easily explain to the baby why an object or the kid’s behavior may be dangerous for him. The edge of the sofa, a chair, the bed. The bear is jumping down and exclaims: “Oh -oh-oh, I’ve hurt the foot.” And we are sympathizing with him and give the baby an opportunity to do that too, to pet the toy, to threaten it with a finger.

    You should better say be careful instead of no, for the word no is more emotional. It can interest the baby like everything strictly forbidden, while the words substitutes have a slightly different tone. Curious bear will easily explain to the baby that radiator is hot and fork and knife are sharp.

    Bear’s fears

    If we’ve noticed that the baby is afraid of some objects – vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, washing machine, clockwork toy or darkness, we won’t say ordinary don’t be afraid, won’t ask him about the fear, but we’ll invite our faithful assistant. Let’s explain to the bear why the vacuum cleaner and hair dryer are not dangerous and demonstrate how they work. A few seconds will be enough to understand whether the baby is coping with the fear. We’ll have to play with the so-called dangerous enemy for several times to allay the fears of the coward bear. Let’s watch the child, ask him to explain to the bear that he shouldn’t be afraid of these. Let the bear hug and pat the frightening thing.
    If our kid is afraid of darkness, besides games and explanations we need to purchase a small and dim lamp which should slightly illuminate the baby’s room at nighttime. Try to locate the source of light so that the objects do not cast shadows.

    Bear’s day

    If our baby has no brother or sister, the bear will teach him that it is necessary to speak in turn, to listen to the interlocutor, and moreover to feel free to take care of his smaller friend. You can teach the bear to wash every morning and comb the hair, to do exercises and massage, put him to sleep, you can ask the child to share a dainty with him. The child is always happy play the role of an older and stronger one.

    Let the bear try everything new – swing, baby walker, potty. When making sure that a true friend is safe, our child will gladly repeat everything necessary after him.

    Bear’s thoughts

    Themed game situations play an important role in the development and education of the child. Involve dolls or soft toys into the game. The bear in the baby’s hands will maintain a dialogue with the doll that will be speaking the mother’s voice. The child will learn to meet, to greet, to say goodbye. Dream up the situations where the bear will have to decide, to do something, and not just to speak. And here our bear, and rather our baby, will immediately show himself. Let’s see who the bear will praise and pat, whose behavior he won’t approve and why. Our baby will use all his experience of communication with peers and relatives.

    Let’s dream up, be patient, especially since now we have a helper.

    What do you do to understand baby’s thoughts and fears? Share your tips


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