Planning Your Toddler’s 2nd Birthday Party: 8 Simple Steps

    2nd Birthday

    Are you going to celebrate your child’s 2nd birthday? Then let’s get started. We offer you our vision of how to make the party and celebrate your kid’s birthday.

    Step 1: Prepare the music

    Music can really work wonders. It creates a great mood for the birthday kid, guests, and you, the parents. Spend some time in advance and choose appropriate music tracks. You can even divide them into blocks: music when guests come, for dances, for competitions, for cutting the cake, for meal, etc

    Step 2. Decorate the room with some balloons, garlands, and other accessories

    You can mix them: hang some ordinary balloons. And for the room to look even more impressive, decorate it with some helium balloons. Attach longer threads to them for the guests and your kid to pull and play with the balloons.

    You can also decorate the room with some garlands, toys, etc. Invite your toddler to help you with the decoration; he may be interested in that. And be sure to comment everything you do and to play with the kid for him to enjoy the process.

    Step 3: Make a wall newspaper

    Only you decide how big your wall newspaper will be. Involve the child in its design. It might be an interesting work for both you and the kid a few days before his birthday.

    What can your wall newspaper show? Attach some pictures of the child with funny captions; handwritten or printed curious stories; list of the toddler’s achievements within the second year of his life; his favorite dishes, games, etc. You can also make a mini-exhibition of the child’s drawings and crafts.

    Step 4. Collective wishes

    Your guests will find it fun to write the greetings for the birthday kid. And both you and the child will then read them. Buy a large postcard or prepare in advance a decorated drawing paper, where the guests could write their wishes. By the way, not only adults can do that but young guests can draw something as well, and their parents will sign the drawings. Then you can take a picture of all the guests and attach it to all the wishes. You’ll find it interesting not to only read, but also to watch the wishes.

    Step 5. Pictures and videos

    It will be interesting for the guests to view the child’s photos and the video dedicated to the party. You can just run pictures on the computer screen in a slide show accompanied with music. Or you can make their presentation commenting your child’s develpment (for example, “How we conquered the potty,” “Mom’s helper“, and so on. e.). That would be a kind of dynamics, an interesting photo story about the second year of the kid’s life.

    A better option is to make a video about your little one. This will be very nice and touching.

    Step 6. Attributes for a two-year-old’s birthday

    Prepare in advance all the paraphernalia – caps on the heads, bubbles, all the necessary items for the contests, games, etc.

    Step 7. Birthday party menu

    It is hard to imagine a real bright party without meal. Be sure to consider the age of children when planning party dishes.

    A good idea is to let the children have their snacks first, play enough, and then to lay the table.

    Step 8. Gifts for a two-year-old

    Here’s a list of the gifts you and your guests can give a two-year-old birthday kid:

    paints, brushes;
    – pencils, pens;
    album for drawing;
    books by age;
    – children’s handbag;
    – puppet furniture and dishes;
    – sports corner;
    – dishes for children (personal plates, cups);
    – a first bicycle or tricycle;
    – scooter;
    – toy house;
    – tent;
    – kids cars;
    – trampoline.

    If your guests come with the young kids, be sure to give them gifts as well.

    How did or will you prepare for your kid’s 2nd birthday? What other ideas do you have?


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