Picture Activity – Find the Other Half

    Picture Activity

    In order to perform the picture activity, you need to download the pictures and cut them in half.

    1. At first show your baby all the pictures, tell him what is drawn on them, play with them.

    2. As babies under one year of age learn the world with the help of their mouth, laminate the pictures to use them for a longer time.

    3. Cut a picture in front of the baby’s eyes and exclaim: Oh, look! I have two pictures! Let’s collect them. Here you are, we have the whole picture again. Now do that by yourself.

    4. Cut another picture the same way and “loose” it. Now you have two cut picture and you need to find the other half. Oh, how to collect the picture? Where is the half? No this one does not fit, it’s not a beautiful picture. And this one? Oh, the picture is beautiful again!

    5. Now let your baby find the other half by himself.

    6. You should add a new cut half only once your baby has mastered manipulation with the certain quantity.

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    You should know

    – This helps baby learn to think and reason, to be able to seek and find the answers by his own.
    – This activity helps logic, eye-hand coordination, attention, mind and memory of the baby to develop.
    – The same sentences and words you repeat encourage baby’s language development.


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