Open and Close


    Your baby can lie, sit or stand. You are in front of him. Sing the rhyme and do the actions at the same time. The baby will watch your actions. Infants of about 5 months can try to imitate the actions and join in singing. You can perform open and close actions engaging hands, arms, feet, palms or even fingers of your baby.

    Show your baby the concepts of wide and narrow.

    At the end baby should be in the opening position, open to the Universe.

    It is great if you can sing these lines.

    Open your arms,
    Close your arms,
    Open your arms,
    Open your eyes,
    Close your eyes,
    Open your eyes
    Open your legs,
    Close your legs,
    Open your legs

    You should know

    – Opening and closing are the basic concepts to be learnt and used.

    – The rhyme helps develop gross motor skills.

    – This helps develop awareness about the body.

    – The rhyme gives your baby the feeling of being open to the Universe.


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